NBG Choices

A selection of books in English translation recommended for reviewers, booksellers, literary festivals and readers.


Uhly - cover
Kingdom of Twilight Steven Uhly

‘ Kingdom Of Twilight is a thrilling historical saga which begins in 1944 and follows a handful of individuals dislocated by war,
from Poland to Germany, to Tel Aviv and New York, as they try to make sense of a changed world, and of their place in it. Steven Uhly’s epic novel is hypnotically lyrical and intensely moving’.

Katharina Bielenberg, editor, Maclehose Press
Gstrein - cover
A Sense of the Beginning Norbert Gstrein

'A Sense Of the Beginning deals with complex and universal themes such as religious obsession, the search for homeland and the fragility of memory. Norbert Gstrein examines the crucial decisions we take as we start out in life and the omnipresent reference points of our childhoods. A moving and absorbing story by the author of The English Years’.

Katharina Bielenberg, editor, Maclehose Press
Bronsky - cover
Baba Dunja's Last Love Alina Bronsky

'Baba Dunja is a Chernobyl returnee. Together with a motley bunch of former neighbours, she sets off to create a new life for herself in the radioactive no-man's land. Rural bliss reigns, until one day a stranger turns up in the village... With her trade-mark wry humour Bronsky tells the story of a community that shouldn’t exist, and of a very unusual woman who late in life finds her own version of paradise’.

Daniela Petracco, director of London office, Europa Editions
Brandt - cover
Against the World Jan Brandt

‘Set in the East Friesia region of Germany in the mid-1970s, Against the World tells the story of Daniel Kuper, the nominal heir to a drugstore dynasty, and his struggle to free himself from the petty suspicions and violence of small-town life. An  unforgettable debut, Against the World is an epic account of growing up an outsider, and the pain, violence, and betrayal that accompany exclusion’.

Naveen Kishore, publisher, Seagull Books
Montasser - cover
A Very Special Year Thomas Montasser

‘When the elderly Charlotte vanishes mysteriously, her niece Valerie is forced to look after her Viennese bookshop. A business graduate hoping to continue her studies, she seems ill-suited to the task. After some initial reluctance, Valerie soon becomes drawn in to the magical world of the shop and its books. What follows is a declaration of love for bookshops everywhere and an exploration of the transformative power of books’.

Jamie Bulloch, translator
Seethaler - cover
The Tobacconist Robert Seethaler

‘A compelling, heart-breaking coming-of-age story, from the bestselling author of A Whole Life. Seventeen-year-old Franz arrives in Vienna from the countryside, on the eve of the Second World War. Apprenticed to an elderly tobacconist, Franz does his best to learn all he can about the ways of the world – including receiving romantic advice from a Professor Freud. Soon, however, Germany will annex Austria and the lives of our characters will be entirely changed’.

Ravi Mirchandani, publisher, Picador


Khalaf - cover
The Girl Who Beat Isis Farida Khalaf, with Andrea-Claudia Hoffman
Neumann - cover
Radicalized: New Jihadists and the Threat to the West Peter R. Neumann
Gmurr - cover
The Paperclip Test Mario Gmurr
Hoghe - cover
Bandoneon: Working with Pina Bausch Raimund Hoghe
Stach - cover
Kafka: The Early Years Reiner Stach
Jelinek - cover
Charges (The Supplicants) Elfriede Jelinek
Ohler - cover
Blitzed Norman Ohler

Modern Classics

Werner - cover
Cold Shoulder Markus Werner
Seghers - cover
Crossing: A Love Story Anna Seghers

Crime Thriller

Raabe - cover
The Trap Melanie Raabe
Giordano - cover
Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions Mario Giordano

Also Recommended

Haderlap - cover
Angel of Oblivion Maja Haderlap